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N.V.I.H.A Rider Fund Information

Criteria For Qualification

(in Memory of Linda St Michael)
The N.V.I.H.A. Rider Fund was established with donations as a memorial to the late Linda St.
Michael, a well-known local Equestrienne.
Added to the donations were monies collected through English Show Admin Fees, Benefit
Shows, 50/50 Draws, etc.
The Fund serves to provide financial assistance to those individuals looking to achieve higher
lever equestrian-related goals.

    1. Must be a current member of the N.V.I.H.A. in good standing, as well as having twelve
consecutive months membership prior to application.

    2. Application for the fund must be received in writing 30 days prior to purpose for which the
funds are required. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration

   3. Assistance from the Rider Fund will only be given for equine-related activities, i.e. championship
competition or education.

   4. Recipients of financial assistance from this fund must present written proof of completion of the
purpose for which the funds were provided. Should proof not be provided, monies allowed
must be repaid to the fund.

   5. Assistance for Finals or Championship Equestrian events will only be provided for those
travelling off of Vancouver Island. $200.00 (Two Hundred Dollars) for horse/rider competition
and $100.00 (One Hundred Dollars) for equine education programs.

   6. Funds for Equine-related career oriented Educational purposes do not necessarily have to be off
Vancouver Island.

   7. Because the N.V.I.H.A. is not a breed specific association and because our shows are open to all
breeds, funds will not be allocated for Championships where entries are restricted to specific

   8. Funds will not be provided to any applicant to has/or is in the process of applying for funds from
another organization.

Application Form information available Please contact your director

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