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March 20 
May 15 
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Oct 2 

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No more than 50 participants, including competitors & volunteers
NO Spouses or friends,
Juniors one parent only

Practising Social Distancing

-6 ft markers will be placed at the registration tables

-Hand sanitizer stations will be placed before the registration tables

-Masks will be MANDATORY when competitors are at the registration tables

2021 NVIHA Year End Awards.
Western Games
HiPt..Carole Herman/Winsome
Reserve..Kathleen Worth/Ryder
HiPt...Sophie Ticiniski/Cody
Reserve..Molly Birley/Sully
PW..Sponsored by ACL Landscaping
HiPt..Jaxon Galley/Ryder
Reserve..Olivia Tinga/Dolly
MOST FAST TIMES in Western Games
KEYHOLE..sponsored by TOP SHELF FEEDS..Kathleen Worth /Ryder
FLAG RACE..sponsored by SUMMERSIDE TACK..Sophie Ticiniski/Cody
POLES..Carole Herman/Winsome
BARRELS..sponsored by TACK M UP..Sophie Ticiniski/Cody